Bucket List

In no particular order:

1. Parasailing

2. Hang gliding

3. Swim with dolphins

4. Write/publish a book

5. Write poetry (well)

6. Visit all 7 continents

7. Celebrate NYE in Times Square

8. Train for and run a marathon (any length)

9. Hire a personal trainer

10. Ride in a hot air balloon

11. Meet someone ‘famous’ I actually admire

12. Service abroad

13. Make a difference

14. Succeed at something difficult for me

15. Learn to cook at least one nice dish really well

16. Take a pottery class, sushi class, dance class

17. Karaoke

19. Take voice or piano lessons

20. Fly a kite

21. See Wicked

22. Ride on a motorcycle

23. See Blue Man Group

24. Speak at TED (or at least attend a conference!)

25. Overcome a fear

26. Heal a part of my past

27. Find inner/spiritual peace

28. Watch a movie I love in IMAX

29. Go skydiving

30. Go scuba diving

31. Go zip lining

32. See the Aurora Borealis

30. Get Freshly Pressed

31. Shoot at a Shooting Range

4 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. fashionabledaisy said:

    I’m loving your posts, I think you might love mine just as much? It would mean alot if you checked out my hot to trot blog x


  2. Great bucket list!! You’ve already accomplished quite a bit too, so cheers for that! 🙂


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