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Lisbon, Portugal. 

We had no idea what to expect. We wanted to travel, Lisbon was accessible and so we went. We really had no solid plans on what to see. I mean, Tripadvisor lists one of the top sites in Lisbon as an AQUARIUM. (It was disappointing, for something so highly rated on Tripadvisor). 

But Lisbon turned out to be a beautiful gem of a city, and left me wanting more. It all started with our stay at the best hostel possible which has certainly spoiled us for the rest of our travels in Europe.But there’s more. So, what exactly makes Lisbon a great travel destination? 

They have an elevator as one of their national monuments (yes, you can ride it):1465171_10152003082861187_810260847_n

There are castles to frolic in:1472792_10152003085416187_1085441420_n


The Western-most point of continental Europe can be found there:598461_10152003091946187_1931033860_n


This cool monument (Padroa dos Descobrimentos)1453393_10152003094471187_2132793826_n

The Tower of Belem:1465396_10152003096101187_128381942_n

This beautiful monastery:482455_10152003099896187_822885676_n

And, these amazing pastries:1426712_10152003100391187_834094179_n

Other reasons to love/visit Lisbon? You can take a day trip to Sintra (location of 2nd castle picture, and near the Western-most point of continental Europe); cork is popular there (I bought a cork postcard); the sidewalks feature beautiful mosaics of small, black and white stones; you can visit the oldest book shop in the world; the people are awesome! Super kind, neat and intelligent. 

If you’re left wanting more, like me, you can plan a second Portugal trip to Porto! Fingers crossed…