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I’ve been a little MIA lately. Let’s dive right into the updates.

Trash Talk

Now is a terrible time to visit Madrid. It’s not a great time to be here in general, downloadactually. Of course, there’s been a major economic crisis going on here for a while now. It’s having some stinky ramifications. Most recently, plans to cut hundreds of jobs and reduce salaries for remaining street cleaners have inspired retaliation. The street cleaners are on strike. There is no end in sight because there is no resolution in sight. So, for now we are living with overflowing bins and trash underfoot (and nose).


 It’s taking over my life in different ways (as in not just through Facebook), which is part of the reason I’ve been MIA. First, I bought a Kindle. That’s right, after years of telling myself I wouldn’t betray traditional books I caved. I just don’t have access to traditional books like I used to! So, much of my free time these days is spent reading. It’s wonderful.

I’ve also hit LinkedIn and Twitter at full force. I finally have a solid career target, and am heading that way. I am amazed by the power of Twitter, and it’s taken over as my main source of social media for the time being.


This weekend I’ll be in Lisbon, Portugal! Soon after, I’ll be in Paris. Then, it’ll be time for a 2 week Eurotour over winter break. Stay tuned for more travel posts and pictures!