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I know, since when did I start getting so creative with my blog titles? Really though, I have several updates that are just dying to get out, and at this point I’m more concerned with that than a fancy title. Sorry!

Seriously though, I finally made it to the movies with a couple friends about a week ago! I absolutely love going to the movies, and was really excited to check out a theatre in Spain. To ensure this would be an overall good experience, we chose a movie with a winning cast – Gravity. This movie stars both Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. It’s a win-win if I ever saw one.

Before I get into any movie deets, I want to explain the movie-going experience in Spain itself. We bought our tickets online, though we could also have bought them at the theatre itself. When you buy tickets here, you choose a seat in advance. This eliminates one of the favorite parts of movie-going for an early-arriver such as myself — theatre musical chairs. You know, where you hop around and try different seats to determine which will provide optimum viewing conditions? Still, I suppose this method is more efficient.

Once in, we found our way to our assigned seats. To our dismay, there was very little 2elevation in this theatre. Translation? Lots of heads in the way. Luckily, the screen was high enough that this didn’t impede our viewing as much as we’d expected. Finally, there were bathrooms in this theatre. INSIDE the theatre. Like, in the same room as where the movie was playing!! Had this been a less intense movie, I would have moseyed on over to check out sound quality during the movie because really this could be genius. No more worrying about missing important parts of a movie when you’ve had too much soda!

As for the movie itself, the cast did not disappoint. By the end of it, I had the biggest adrenaline rush I’ve ever gotten from just sitting around for a couple hours. If you’re like me and enjoy thriller/suspense movies, check it out. Preferably in Spain 🙂