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This week, a friend and I went to see El Barbero de Sevilla! I have much more of a desire to be cultured here in Spain than I really ever have before, and this was one great way to indulge in that.

Also, the discounted tickets offered in Madrid don’t hurt! If you show up at the Teatro Real on the afternoon of a show, you can get majorly discounted tickets to that night’s show. It’s a pretty sweet deal, and we got some great seats out of it!

The show itself was stunning. It was in Italian, so I followed along with the English(and sometimes Spanish) subtitles. I loved how beautifully the scene changes were executed, and that these transitions were a part of the show. The plot was fun and easy to follow, which I greatly appreciated! I even have a favorite character – the barber (played by Mario Cassi on our night). He exuded hilarity and was definitely the one to watch.

This show definitely whet my appetite for future outings like this, perhaps to the ballet that’s coming up!

The cast preparing to take their final bows

The cast preparing to take their final bows