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postcardsHow many almost-in-Spain posts can I get away with? There’s definitely more ahead. Today, I’m thinking about souvenirs. This opportunity to live and travel through Europe for a year is not one I take for granted, and I want to be sure to commemorate it properly. Of course I will take LOADS of pictures and blog about my adventures while there. But I want to be able to purchase some tangible pieces to bring back with me, for the days in the future when I’ll surely be wondering if this phase of my life was real.

When I went to France, I walked away with some new threads as proof of my travels. While I certainly plan to shop during my year in Madrid, I want something more.

My go-to souvenirs are…postcards. I love collecting postcards. I know the pictures look like something I could find online and that it’s really just a piece of paper in the end. Still, there is something about physically being in a new place and stopping in to purchase a postcard FROM there. I even have postcards from my stint in Houston and my visit to New Orleans! I think forgoing postcards while abroad will be a hard habit to break. Perhaps I’ll write myself little in-the-moment notes on the back to add a more personal touch.

Still, I’m curious about what to “collect” from each place or what kind of souvenirs to be on the lookout for. What if I want something that I can ONLY get from Spain or Italy or France? What can I grab? Or maybe it’s less about the rarity and more about the story I remember behind my purchases.

Here’s hoping I’ll figure it out eventually. Suggestions are, as always, appreciated.