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In LESS THAN ONE MONTH, I will be moving to Spain. Now seems like a fitting time to reflect on all of the things I’d like to do here in the USA before heading out. However, when I try to make that list in my mind it mostly ends up being about all the different foods I want to eat one last time before I leave…. So, yea. I won’t put you through that.Instead, I decided to make a quick list of all the places I hope to visit in Europe this year. I’m being super strategic about this. Like, looking at a map of Europe off Google and choosing whatever sounds interesting to me for whatever arbitrary reason. Must be the scientist in me.


Spain – I want to explore as much of Spain as possible. I mean, I’m going to be there for nearly a year! If I had to list places I surely intend to go: Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Segovia.

Morocco – I’ll be so close to it, and have heard rave reviews!

Paris, France – I have been to Europe three times, once directly in France. Yet I somehow managed to skip Paris every time. Not for long!

Italy – I’m not over it. Not only do I want to return to Rome and Naples (for some more Eat, Pray, Love pizza!), I also want to hit Venice, Milan, Verona, Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, Sicily. If I get a long enough break at some point I’m contemplating just backpacking through Italy.

Netherlands – Amsterdam (because why not), Belgium (because chocolates and waffles, right?)

Denmark – Because I remember reading it’s about the happiest place on the planet, and who doesn’t want that?

UK – Scotland. Oxford. And London – I loved it and vowed to be back in warmer weather. Plus, Harry Potter.

Dublin, Ireland – Just as I was fascinated with Italy and felt it drawing me in for years, I am now drawn toward Ireland. Dublin sounds like the place for me to check out in Ireland.

Budapest, Hungary – ‘Paris of the East’ (right?)

Prague, Czech Republic – I hear great things about this one

Greece – Athens and Santorini. Obvs have to go now that the Kardashians have been there. (I only hate myself a little for saying that). Seriously though, I’d love a week to relax in beautiful Greece.

Well, there you have it. My very ambitious travel aims for the year. Did I leave anything out that you think should not be skipped? Is there anything on my list not worth the visit? Let me know!