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Just because I’m getting ready to explore a whole new part of the world soon, doesn’t mean I’m done exploring at home. This past weekend, I found myself at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI. Having lived less than an hour from Kenosha all my life, this was my first time at a Ren Faire. While I was surprised by how many fewer people dressed up for it than I’d expected, there were overall good times to be had.

One of my first orders of business, of course, was getting a giant turkey leg! True, I only picked at it at best; but it’s the experience that counts!






There were also different shows to catch, like this awesome aerial acrobat. She was beautiful, and totally worth the crick in my neck from looking up at her for so long. I wish I could manage gracefully swinging around in the leaves!

And this fire-whip guy! He was definitely the funniest guy we saw.

And these sirens we passed on our way to see…..




camels! Look at that one smiling 🙂


Then there were fun side acts walking around:


Overall, the whole experience was something new and different right in my backyard (sort of)! It’s going on during the weekends all the way through the end of August, so check it out if you’re in the area!