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This 100th post on my blog makes its debut exactly one month before my departure to Spain. On September 1st, I will board a flight to Madrid where I will live for the next year. I know I want to write a post to celebrate this day, and I am glad it is the 100th post. I’m just not sure what to say. This post has possibilities. This could be a post about gratitude. About reflection. About new beginnings. About opportunity. About dreams actualized. Even as I write all this I know which direction I want to take, though I’ve written such things often.


Madrid (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

I remember starting this blog two years ago, when I was on the brink of another big move in my life. I had just graduated from Bradley and was on my way to Houston to teach. It’s hard to believe that after two years worth of posts about love, loss, travel and adventure, I am just now typing up the 100th installment. I’ve stuffed a lot of growth and reflection into these 100 posts. When I first started this blog I couldn’t even have imagined that I would be gifted the chance to embark on a journey like the one I stand before. I am ever-grateful. And nervous. And excited.

As you can see if you click around on my blog, I have a bucket list going. It includes small feats (fly a kite) and grand ones. I am consistently shocked by the ones I am able to cross off. This year, I’ll be able to cross off Live abroad. Can you believe that? Sometimes, I still can’t.

I have a lot to do in this remaining month and I look forward to all the preparations paving the way to my departure in September. The countdown continues.