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The list of things I thought I’d never do continues to dwindle. I now listen to country music. In fact, it’s about all I listen to these days. Since I have moved home to Chicago, I have set a country station in every car in our driveway. I only ever play one of two stations on my Pandora – Luke Bryan or Blake Shelton. I miss Houston and the music helps.I’ve got my whole family asking me when this phase will pass, but I’m not sure it will.

A couple years ago, you couldn’t pay me to listen to country music. It drove me nuts. Who wants to sit around listening to slow-paced music about tractors or heartbreak? Not me. Once I moved down to Houston, I did give it the old college try but could never take it for very long. It was always just…too slow for me. Until this past year. I guess, after enough time, some things just grow on you. So, here are three quick reasons I am now a changed music listener.

1. Slow.
One of the main reasons I couldn’t bear to listen to country is now one of the main reasons I love it. I learned to appreciate the slower, gentler sounds of country music. Now, when I change the radio station to top 40 stations I often feel a bit stressed by all the screaming. Of course, I still love me some top 40 now and then, but I much prefer soothing country. It calms me down and speaks to my soul.

2. Variety.
Country songs tell stories. While there are songs about love/lust and heartache, there are also songs about childhood, growing up, pushing through hard times in life and learning life lessons. It is actually quite refreshing to hear songs that are not always about being wronged in a breakup or getting it on at da cLuB.

3. Eye-candy.
I used to hear country music and imagine old, bearded, uncle-like men singing. Over time I came to accept this because the voices were soothing and I enjoyed it. Once I started listening to country on Pandora and seeing album covers though, I was in for a treat. Indeed the musicians behind these mellow voices are just as easy on the eyes.

What more can a girl ask for? And while my stint in Texas hasn’t left me out fishing or hunting in cowboy boots and plaid tops, I’m just a little more country than I once was.