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  • I would still be as confident and trusting as I was in high school.
  • I would be untainted by the type of pain that touches the soul.
  • I would be excited at the prospect of love and romance rather than terrified of the pain-to-be.
  • I would be whole.
  • I would love freely and openly.
  • I would be naive and blissfully ignorant.
  • I would be unbroken. 
  • I would be stronger. 
  • I would have my dignity and perhaps my faith. 
  • I would feel secure and content. 
  • I would have no notion of true love.  
  • I would be a child. 
  • I would have a limited range of emotions. 
  • I would be more reckless. 
  • I would be less daring, less traveled. 
  • I would be less nurturing. 
  • I would be less human.