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“The world is ending.” He says it and the words hang in the air. 

I breathe it in and continue my work. 

“The world is ending,” he repeats. His cheeks burn bright and he wonders at my calm. 

I continue working. What’s the use. The world is ending, his mind is made up. 

The world is ending. This much I have heard. I have taken it in. 

My eyes go dark. I find the cabinet and file this fact away into the deepest crevice of my mind. It takes a moment to make it stick, forced in among so many other horrors. Other horrors that I could not allow to trouble my waking world. Aches and pains and stressors and losses – ugly things that would only slow me down. Ugly things that would tear me apart at the seams if I lingered. 

So I don’t.

I file them away for another day and I continue working. Until that fateful day when the dam breaks and the horrors flood my very existence; but I will smile because by then my work will be complete, the knot perfected. 


Something I wrote in February of 2012 according to the time stamp. Originally written as a FB note.