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Honestly, all these lists are driving me crazy. Have we so devolved that we can only handle information when it’s numbered off into smaller doses? What’s most irritating, I guess, is that I keep reading this stuff. I keep reading it even though it is ALWAYS THE SAME.

Like, come on MSN. How many times do you think you can get away with lists about what men or women want in their significant other? There is a reason all the “What Women Want in a Man,” and “What Makes Men Fall in Love” lists look so much the same.

The answers are simpler than we’d like to believe.

You mean, women like men who are honest, intelligent, funny and sweet? WHO’DA THUNK IT?! And men don’t admire clingy, dependent women? Wow. This is totally new information that will change my game.

I get it. We all want answers, especially when things aren’t going our way. And sometimes it’s tempting to find a way into a relationship. Like when the weather gets colder and it’s snuggling season, or in February when there’s Valentine’s Day, or in the summer when you want a sexy beach buddy, or in the fall when you want help carving hearts into pumpkins, or…(am I the only one who’s noticed every season seems to be relationship season?)

Self-improvement seems to be huge these days and it’s no longer as awkward to stand in the self-help section of a bookstore as it used to be. But are we spending more time reading about how to improve ourselves than actually doing it?

When it comes to relationships, everyone basically wants the same thing. We all want someone who returns our affection and our texts in a timely manner. We want someone who listens and “gets us.” Someone who likes to cuddle and doesn’t hog all the blanket. Someone who can make us snort milk out of our noses, then class it up for a night on the town. Someone who doesn’t play games (unless it’s Apples to Apples). Someone we can trust, who makes the world feel like a less lonely and savage place.

I don’t need a list to tell me what I’m attracted to in a man, nor do I need a list telling me how to land one.

What I need is time, self-love, and a fateful meeting with a handsome stranger in a bookstore precisely when the timing is right.

Is that too much to ask?