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Despite working at a school surrounded by 12-year-olds all day, today did not feel like Halloween.

No more excitement over creative costumes and pigging out on strangers’ candy. No more monster mash playing in the background while trick-or-treaters come to our door.

Nope, I’m in that weird in-between stage. Here, we realize costumes have stayed small though we’ve grown bigger, and no candy is sweeter than a fruity drink or five.

Here, kids don’t come knocking on your door because you either live in an apartment building with other 20-somethings, or on a street with no kids on it.

Here, you don’t dress up as an Arabian Princess or domino during school hours.

The glimpses of Halloween I’ve gotten today are: a nurse wearing a spooky vest, our receptionist in costume, a lady in her car with blue fairy wings on, popcorn balls.

Ok, I guess that’s pretty decent for a 20-something working professional?

Still, I can’t help but think about how different this October 31st is from those of my childhood. Part of me just wants to go back in time, throw on a costume and step into the chilly night air to go door-to-door for treats. Part of me wants to round up my family and go to the fire department for even more treats, and walk through the haunted house with my head buried in my mom’s arm the whole time.

But the grown-up part of me is ready for bed and the start of a new month tomorrow.

And really, that’s scary enough on its own.