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It finally happened – I got pulled over by a cop for the first time ever in my life.

Why? Because I am overly dependent on my GPS and when it stopped working and I started to get lost, I got a little freaked. When I saw a street I recognized I knew I had to make a left. Checked the sign – one way pointing the direction I wanted to go in. Perfect. Turn left, get pulled over.

Apparently there were signs everywhere telling me not to make a left there. Sorry Officer, I honestly did not see any of those. Also, as you can tell by my IL license plates, I’m not from around these here parts. Also, as you can tell from my dirty key lanyard, I Teach For America. I’m a good person – I swear.

I get the ticket anyway of course, and my previous plan – to cry if I ever get pulled over – well I was too shocked and upset to actually even attempt that.

Obviously I realize this is a part of life and really shouldn’t be a big deal, but it was scary and now is a major stressor I must deal with as I figure out court dates and such.

So, the best I can do is remind myself that to be positive I must try to believe that everything happens for a good reason. Here I go:

Thank you PoPo, for pulling me over and giving me a hefty fine instead of a warning even though I’m a first time, student-loving/teaching offender. You’ve potentially saved me from:

–Getting into a horrendous accident after turning left.

–Getting into a horrendous accident by being on the expressway at a certain time.

–Having an appetite and thus gaining weight upon my arrival home.

–Hitting a bird/cat/dog/baby/granny.

–Singing joyfully in my car on the ride home to the point of embarrassment by strangers in the cars around me.

–Thinking I am a smart driver.

–Getting home calmly and going to bed at an embarrassingly early time even though it feels grand.

–Liking cops.

–Lack of white hairs and breakouts induced by stress.

–The trouble of figuring out what to do with my free time by making me call in to reschedule a court date.

–The trouble of finding a way to spend an otherwise free Saturday by giving me the opportunity to go to court.

–Feeling calm and breathing in too deeply, sucking up all the world’s oxygen.

I’ll bet you sleep wonderfully tonight with all the good you’ve done me!!

**Note, this post is not intended to offend anyone. It is merely a way for me to express my frustration. You have no obligation to read this post. That last bit may have been more useful at the start of the post – oh well, you win some you lose some.**