Think of an obstacle standing in your way right now. Think of your closest friends. Think of your most significant beliefs. Think of the conversations you’ve had today. Think of life, of the world.

The way we see life and the happenings around us rely  heavily on our own, isolated experiences and it becomes difficult to maintain a wide-scope perspective.

This week I was in Marseille, France visiting my sister and the entire experience was just the refresher I needed on how I view the world around me.

Rest assured that as soon as I’ve sorted through my pictures, a more detailed post about all I saw and did in Marseille will follow. For now though, I simply want to express my overall takeaway.

I embarked on this trip hoping for a reminder that the world is so much bigger than just the events of my life, and that is exactly what I got. For six days straight I was immersed in a land where everything was in French, hardly anyone even spoke English, and smiling and being loud was frowned upon. More details about this will follow in next posts, but what hit me coming up the stairs at the Viex Port from the Metro one night was that all the people around me were leading their own lives in this area of the world.

I know it sounds ‘duh’ and common sense, but it was a very interesting thought in my mind as it occurred to me. Despite the differences we’re born into, so many of our human experiences are the same: emotions, routines, work, thoughts, etc. What really got me thinking though was that this woman here or there or anywhere in the world is very likely also boiling down the human experience to the events of her own life.

Why do we do that? How do we manage to overlook the fact that the billions of folks we are here on this green/blue marble with have their own lives going on as well. How do we manage to push our own feelings and experiences constantly to the front of the line and imagine life only through what we know about ourselves?

Let it be known that I am nodding off as I am typing this, so if it sounds especially ‘rambly’ and is not making sense you have my apologies.

In an effort to keep it simple for my jet-lagged mind, I will bullet point my main takeaways:

  • The world is an immense place with many different lives being lived all at once! Some of these lives may be quite different, but I believe for the most part they’d overlap more often than not.
  • It is silly to take certain things in life very seriously.
  • I am blessed for the experiences I’ve had so far in general, including Marseille, France (tres jolie, very pretty!)

Unfortunately, this is all I’m able to write for now but stay tuned for a more coherent [hopefully] post about my travels soon!