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This is it, I am currently back home in Chicago. Spring break is underway and tomorrow, my cousin and I depart for a week in Marseille, France!! My sister is currently studying abroad there for the semester – what better excuse for an extravagant trip than visiting family?!

Let’s face it, life is rough. And it’s been especially rough lately – it seems like loss is all around us more than ever. This is our chance to get away, escape reality, and be reminded that the world is so much bigger than the things happening in our own lives every single day.

So, what does this mean for me: trying to learn a new language without butchering it’s beauty (this is where mr. pocket-dictionary comes into play); dressing fancier (actually doing my hair and caring that my clothes look neat and coordinated) than I usually do at work; eating yummy stuff; taking lots of pictures; reflecting on life; feeling young and free; taking in foreign eye-candy.

What this means for you: most likely missing my self-proclaimed, witty blog for a couple weeks. Although I’m sure I’ll be itching to write all about my experiences, and will try to blog if the moment presents itself!

So, enjoy break (if you’re on it) and keep an eye out for updates about France. If you start to miss me, eat a croissant and peruse my earlier posts. Or, as I told my students grab a book and do some READING!! (Not that they’ll have a chance to miss me with all that Modern Warfare they’re playing.)

Au revoir!