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I had detention today.

It wasn’t because I talked back to the principal, hurt another teacher, got my third mark or was late one too many times (that was high school). No, my only offense was signing up for after school duties.

As a kid, detention must be awful. They’re not allowed to do anything besides sit, fill out a reflection sheet and stare into space for an hour and a half. Instead, they could be getting their homework out of the way and enjoying the 80 degree (no lie) weather!

Yep, detention as a kid is quite unfortunate; but detention as a teacher IS TERRIBLE!

All those years of being a good student and following directions, only to have to serve detention as an adult anyway?! Oh as agonizing as it may be for twelve-year-olds to sit idly for an hour and a half in silence, it is even worse having to be the one to watch them sit idly. For an hour and a half. In silence.

Or to listen to them explain, mechanically, why they got detention and what, again mechanically, they will do differently next time. It is especially horrendous to see repeat offenders there. What, you didn’t have enough life sucked out of you the last time you were here??

To conclude, detention drives me up a wall a little and makes me come home late and tired so that I can’t update my blog until 10:23 which is kind of past my bedtime, if my bedtime were what I wanted it to be, which leads to a major delay in your daily dose of yours truly, shorter entries and ridiculous run-on sentences that teacher-me would be appalled at. *Gasp!*