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It’s time you understand.

For years I’ve had to defend my intense admiration of Shah Rukh Khan, King of Bollywood. And it’s ridiculous that I should have to do any such thing. So before you get to read much more of my thoughts, you should understand the reasoning behind my love for Shahrukh. And if you want me to like you, you should give him a chance too if not immediately love him after this as well. This is my space, my blog. This entry is not fostering a democracy. This is not an issue I will waver on.

You can tell me he’s old, he smokes, that you don’t think he’s amazingly sexy. You can tell me all these things and after each one I will look at you like you are absurd. It’s not of my prettier looks, and you may not like it directed at you.

He is King for a reason. Many reasons. Several of which I will explain to you right here, right now.

1. Versatility 

Tortured soul, ruthless villain, militant bad ass, romantic hero (sigh), ‘innocent’ frat boy, wronged citizen, fierce coach and anything at all in between. He plays every part and WELL. He makes you [me] wonder why anyone even bothers to make a movie without him in it.

2. Eyebrows


God have you seen them? How many other men/actors can illicit feigned flirtatious irritation, heart-fluttering love and the deepest despair with the same set of wonderous eyebrows? I am dead serious. Check them out:They’re even better in motion (below).

3. Dream Factor

He is one of the dreamiest men I’ve ever known. Regardless of his age, the way the man carries himself, the lines he delivers, the voice with which he delivers them, the shrugs and stretches and dances and love drenched looks he gives all contribute to his intense dream factor. You can tell me he’s old and after I’ve given you the not-so-pretty-you’re-absurd look we discussed earlier (keep up!) I will just direct you to his earlier films. Until you realize all that he is, and that despite his age he is still that same magical actor.

4. This one is biased (as opposed to the others, obvi..)

I basically grew up with SRK movies. My first lessons in love, friendship, stalking (relax it’s a Daar joke) and looking beautiful all came from the King. Growing up as the incredibly awkward-looking child I was, his movies provided an escape for me. Watching them, I could dive in and take the place of any of his beautiful co-stars (don’t give me that look, you all do it) and immerse myself in the fairy tales I hadn’t actualized in real life.

I leave you with this video, urging you to watch it and fall in love. It’s lengthy and I don’t expect you to watch it all (although I certainly did), but it gives you a good taste of who he is and some of his best songs and movies. Oh, and there’s plenty of eyebrow action in there for ya too.

Stay tuned for a future entry related to the Bollywood industry.