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Today, Frank Warren spoke at the TED 2012 Conference going on this week.

For those who are unaware TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization focused on bringing people together to share innovative ideas in various fields. (Check it out at TED.com for more details and some awesome videos!)

If you’ve clicked over to my ‘Bucket List’ page, you know that it is one of my wilder fantasies to not only attend, but one day speak at a TED conference. A girl can dream right??

In the meantime, I will merely observe the greats who have broken the mold of mediocrity enough to be featured.

Just glancing through the list of speakers, the name Frank Warren caught my eye. If you don’t know, Frank is the mastermind behind Postsecret – an online community of anonymous secrets shared via postcards.

You’ve probably at least seen them featured here:

The purpose of Postsecret is to help people feel less alone, by sharing secrets of their dreams, fears, struggles or confessions with others all over the world. Seeing that others share these feelings often helps people feel more connected and supported.

In honor of Frank Warren’s TED debut, I asked a few of my own friends  to share secrets with me so I could feature them here on my blog. Enjoy!

(Before those who know me jump to conclusions: Yes, one of these is mine. No, it is not the Harry Potter one.)

How many of these can you relate with? If you’re feeling brave, you’re welcome to share some of your own secrets in the comments!