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I need this just as much as the next guy. Enjoy!

1. Laugh at yourself

This works especially well if you’ve been crying. Stop pounding the floor in rage, crawl over to the nearest shiny surface and stare at your reflection. Scrunched up monkey face, squishy looking red eyes, corners of your lips turned way down. You look ridiculous – laugh it up!

2. Laugh at others

This is even MORE satisfying! Watch this:

Always makes me crack up. Are there any videos that give you an involuntary ab workout? Any amazing jokes? If so please share in the comments – I love to laugh!

3. Think of your loved ones

Whenever I’m feeling down I conjure up a memory of my sister, mom, cousin or close friend to remind me there are people out there who love me, believe in me, miss me and enjoy my company. Thinking of these few people out of the billions that occupy the world alongside us, helps me feel much more grounded to my place in it

4. Think of your haters

The guy that broke your heart, the girl who always gives you the stink eye, the ‘friend’ who makes you feel guilty for your successes. You’re better than them.

It really was him and not you.

Look at her weird stink eye face, she’s making herself look snooty and weird in public – haha!

You feel guilty because you are a good person who doesn’t want to make others feel they aren’t living up to their true potential. But really it’s not your fault that you are! Keep doing wonderful things and inspire those around you to do the same for themselves (and be genuinely happy for them when they do).

5. Browse through childhood photos

We all have them – in dust-sealed shoe boxes or cryptic looking photo albums hidden all the way at the back of a forgotten closet. Yank them free, blow off the dust and dare to open them up. *Cringe!*

Maybe not to this extreme, but should look familiar..

Those big plastic glasses, boyish hairstyles, ridiculous pants/tops sets, baggy overalls, garish sweaters, mismatched…everything. Who IS that? Certainly not the coordinated suave adult you see in the mirror these days. Go ahead, shake your head and smile at your former fashion innocence.

Well there you have ’em, the first five! Five more ways to make yourself smile are coming up tomorrow! If you enjoyed reading this blog, please follow or comment :). I love to write regardless, but I can see I have readers and it’d be great to have some interaction. I am really working on blogging a lot more, and would love your support! So whether or not we talk on a regular basis, if you connect with something or have a comment regarding what I write I openly invite you to share it. I won’t think you’re weird or creepy, or wonder why on earth you of all people are randomly reading my blog. Promise!