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This is a bit overdue, but it is here nonetheless.

This past January my two roommates and I took off for a weekend trip to New Orleans. One of my roommates has a friend in another teaching program down there called ACE, so we had a place to stay. It was an incredible weekend, and in this entry I am just going to include some pictures and activities.

I honestly feel we did it all. The first morning we went to brunch at Ruby Slipper. We got some bbq shrimp grits (not a fan of mixing oatmeal with seafood, personally), omelet with shrimp in it and stuffed french toast with a kick of cayenne (delish)!














After that we hit up the French Quarter and French Market area. It was an amazing place to people watch and be merry. The area is full of shops (several selling beautiful, hand-crafted masks of course), eateries and fun lovers.

Here is just one of the many strange/random things we witnessed

Most of the day was spent in this French Quarter neighborhood, including a quick lunch out along the Mississippi River. Exhausted and still excited, we went back to the home where my roommate and her friend cooked us a lovely dinner – yay!

Nighttime brought new friends and adventures out on the town. Truly an interesting experience, pretty unique!

The next day we did some light traveling around the city again. We walked around the Tulane University campus. It was beautiful, and kind of nice to be back on a college campus for a while! Nearby was a crepes shop filled with selections from either a savory or sweet menu. I had them whip up a bbq chicken version and it was delicious!

We also then spent much of this day strolling along at Audubon Park – a large and beautiful place full of people and cool birds. After all the walking from this day, our pre-dinner consisted of free samples from a nearby Whole Foods. After this I accompanied my roommates to a Catholic service at Church. It was interesting to observe the service, and thankfully my roommate was very helpful in making sure I knew what was going on and discreetly quenching my curiosity through the duration.

After that we went out for some seafood! I ordered the crab etouffee, which was phenomenal and quite different from anything I’d had before.


Bellies full, we headed to the French Quarter area once again to hop around listening to some live jazz and brass bands. These were amazing! I wish I had pictures and videos for this piece but alas, they live only in my mind now. When it started to get late, we headed to Cafe du Monde for some of the famous beignets we’d been hearing so much about. YUM.

On our last day, we drove through the lower 9th ward of Nola. This is where the Hurricane had hit the hardest. It is still astounding to me the amount of damage that remains to be addressed after all these years. Amongst all of the run down, abandoned houses, what struck me the most was this structure:


This is a visual depiction of the water levels from the flooding after the Hurricane. I can only imagine the terror of being surrounded by the dreadfully deep water that accompanied the storm.

Overall, this trip to New Orleans is one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It was a seriously liberating trip – just picking up one weekend for a road trip. It is amazing how different (more laid back in some parts, more devastated in others) things can be just a few hours away from home. 

So glad the start of my year included this trip. Here’s hoping many more adventures follow.