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Despite all the craziness surrounding my life as I transition to the next phase, I of course made time to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2…twice!

I LOVE HARRY POTTER. It is insane to think that I first came across Hogwarts in a scholastic book order form in the fifth grade. I remember the description about the book. I remember thinking – this sounds exactly like the types of books I know I love already. And I remember a teacher mentioning the hoopla around the book just days before I received my copy.

I remember my 6th grade Harry Potter themed birthday party. I remember making my friends try on the ‘sorting hat’ as I hid in the back and called out their houses so they’d be split into teams for all the fun wizarding games we’d be playing. (Yes this was for real. Don’t hate.)

I remember how excited I was every time my dad bought me the next book. I remember actually laying out my books side by side and sometimes introducing the new book to its counterparts. (Now you know enough to make you dangerous, but really I’m just being transparent. Don’t judge haha).

The point of divulging my quirkiness surrounding this epic series is to highlight the fact that the Harry Potter series have been a hefty part of my life for OVER A DECADE now. I have always loved reading but this series drew me, and countless others, into a new world in a very real way.

I have read each book in the series more than once. Some more than twice. Some more than three times. Etc. When the movies first came out I remember being excited. A chance to see my characters come to life!

I have always had a very vivid imagination, I’d say. So I already had great mental movies of the books on my own. Because of this I did worry a little about deviations from my own movies, and about being stuck with the movie version of characters in my head on every future reading.

Honestly, I was disappointed by a couple characters. Mostly Snape. Although he seems to match his description in the book pretty well, for some reason the Snape in the movies did not reflect the Snape in my head. McGonagall (who I now love the movie version of) was also different. I suppose Ron (Rupert Grint) more than makes up for this ❤

But what bothered me the most were deviations from the plot or dialogue itself. I would sit there with my sister at the end of every movie, even after everyone had left, pointing out every single flaw. Every obnoxious exemption. This continued on for movies 1-5.

But then came the 6th one and I did not have the time to reread Book 6 right before the movie. This is the best explanation I can concoct as to why I actually enjoyed this one out of six movies. Even though I knew the story pretty well, I did not recall exact details and dialogue as well as I had with the  previous movies, before which I always reread the book to be represented.

Now, after viewing the final movies, I am realizing that with the close of these series comes the close of a large chunk of my childhood chapters. I’d like to think I’ve made peace with the fact that the books and movies involved are two separate entities really. Of course I prefer the books to the movies, but I do enjoy them both. I do feel a sense of pity (sorry!) for any who have not read the books. In my opinion, they are just plain missing out. The movies do not compare, in the end. Still, to each their own. I know I am happy with my experience.

I am still processing the end of this ‘era,’ but in the meantime I did want to post my reflections! I plan to write soon about more TFA experiences. Hopefully that will happen this weekend!