After years of being an enthusiastic and dedicated learner of English/Language Arts, the student becomes the teacher.

That’s right folks, I will be teaching English next year at YES Prep Public School – Fifth Ward Campus. I found out yesterday that I was hired by the school and let me tell you – I am ecstatic. From what I’ve read this is a great school – incredibly focused on service and on college completion. Look it up:

Fifth Ward is their new campus and I believe it opens this July, so that should be exciting. The one issue I sort of had with this all is my placement grade. I will be teaching 6th grade. Mostly I had just become used to the idea of teaching older students, but it did not take long for me to begin warming up to the placement.

The thing is, when I think back to 6th grade English I draw a big. fat. BLANK! In fact the only thing I really recall about 6th grade is that it was a huge transitional period for me. In my district, 6th grade was still part of elementary school. At YES Prep it’s part of Middle School. Does anyone out there know/have any experience with/remember anything about 6th grade? I’m really hoping I will be teaching this grade level/subject during training this summer so I can get a feel for it!

I will also be observing an English class at my Middle School tomorrow morning so hopefully that will provide some helpful insights!

Anyway, here is a breakdown of my thoughts about teaching 6th grade.

Hesitant because…..

  • They are younger than I would have hoped for.
  • They will be brand new to YES Prep and therefore not necessarily primed for the college-focused culture
  • I personally can barely remember 6th grade English

Excited because……

  • They are young enough that I feel I can still be very creative and colorful in classroom setup!
  • They will be brand new to YES and I will be able to help set the tone for the rest of their time there!
  • Even after they leave 6th grade I will see them in the hallways!
  • There are bound to be some ‘kids say the darndest things’ moments that I cannot wait for!
  • They will be my 6th grade English students and at this very moment they are out there somewhere – the same students I will be teaching in just a few short months!! 🙂

Overall I am PUMPED to have my placement out of the way, to be hired by YES, and to be teaching English. One thing’s for sure, I may be their English/Language Arts teacher but I also want them to leave my classroom more mature and confident. I fully plan to promote professionalism and help my students build confidence through public speaking!!

Of course along with this all I want my students to embrace diversity and all-inclusiveness and realize their true potentials. I realize everything I’m hoping for is highly ambitious, but shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars right??

So now I have registered to take the Generalist 4-8 certification exam during training. I have much more paperwork to worry about and a lot of packing (that can wait until next week.)

One week from today I will be in Houston,TX preparing for a whole new adventure. Bring it on, world!