“If you don’t know exactly where you are headed, then any road will get you there.”

I have spent all day working on my TFA Pre-Institute work. I am almost halfway through and after I complete the current exercise it appears the rest may be less strenuous *knock on wood.*

This work is overwhelming because there is SO much to think about, to take in and tuck away for use in my future classroom.

The quote at the start of this post is something I came across in one of the readings several minutes ago and I am unable to get it out of my head. Because guess what, I DON’T know exactly where I am headed. In fact, I don’t even kind of know.

I have changed my major several times, been all over the place regarding my exact career interests and have lately been telling myself it is natural and maybe even beneficial to not be tied down to a specific career path…Am I only kidding myself?

Let’s face it TFA is a 2-year commitment (unless I decide to teach beyond that..?). Maybe I will, maybe I’ll discover teaching is my true calling. But if not I had better have a plan for after TFA… I just feel like there is so much more out there I would like to do, so many different possibilities. And of course I’ve never been great with options. I briefly watched the news today out of the corner of my eye. It has been a long time since I’ve actually watched the news on TV, since nowadays I tend to get my news online. It reminded me incredibly quickly of my past dreams of being a news anchor, and I slightly ached for what could have been.

My dream career would involve writing, lots of public speaking and rigorous upholding of social responsibility. If you’ve got anything like that up your sleeve feel free to send it my way. Thanks!