Today. Is. Amazing.

For several reasons:

1. I am decisive. This is, as I mentioned in my first post, an incredibly rare occurrence. I went shopping for a graduation dress, fully convinced this would take up my entire day and I would never find the perfect dress. The first place we went was Target. I liked one dress. I tried it on, it fit perfectly. Fate? I don’t see why not. It’s simple, elegant, fresh. I can wear it many more times in my professional life (so long as I watch the carb intake..) And it has pockets! Which means I will be able to have my phone with me during the commencement ceremony and not have to frantically search for my family without a clue afterward. The dress will go great with a belt I have too.

At this point I’ve gone on about the dress, but I make no apologies. This purchase is monumental for me. Lately I am trying to put my self-awareness skill to good use. I am quite an anxious person and overthink every decision. Now I am trying consciously to control my overthinking mind. I am incredibly proud and excited about my purchase. And another purchase I made was also pretty quick and decisive today, though I can’t disclose details there as it’s a gift!

2. I now get to lay in the sun out on the quad. As a senior you’d think I would have done this plenty of times. Not true. I am always so busy! And the same buildings (work/school) I take solace in during winter, hold me against my will all summer. But today I am finally laying on the quad under the sun on a soft blanket atop thick grass, listening to music with a wonderful friend. Love.

3. I found out my friend is allergic to bubbles, and laughed as she went on about how giant swarms of bubbles are one of her biggest nightmares. The boogie man’s got nothin’ on those flying rainbow marbles…..of DOOM.

The rest of the my day will consist of taking a power nap out here under the sun, then heading back to my apt to finish up an art project, clean, write some thank you notes to wonderful people in my life, and relax before my 9 am final tomorrow morning! In this moment, life is good ❤